Concrete Canoe

2011 Concrete Canoe Team

Concrete Canoe Club

ASCE student chapters and clubs have been involved in constructing and racing concrete canoes on the local and regional level since the early 1970’s.  The first national competition came into existence in 1988.  Today, the UK ASCE student chapter participates in this competition annually.  The competition also involves a lot more than just constructing and racing a canoe.  It has expanded to include a technical paper and presentation on the canoe construction and design elements.  Preparation for this event begins early in the fall semester.  If interested in finding out how you can get involved contact Admin Husic.

Steel Bridge

2009 Steel Bridge Team

2009 Steel Bridge Team

The Student Steel Bridge Competition is sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) and co-sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Iron and Steel Institute, the James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation, and the National Steel Bridge Alliance. This intercollegiate challenge requires civil engineering students to design, fabricate, and construct a steel bridge. Regional competitions take place every spring and the top two finishers at the regional competition advance to compete at the national competition held over Memorial Day Weekend each year. To find out more about the UK ASCE Steel Bridge Team contact Dr. Blandford.

Community Service

Joint Community Service Event with the Bluegrass Branch

Reforest the Bluegrass: Joint Community Service Event with the Bluegrass Branch

Every month, UK ASCE participates in at least one service project to benefit UK Students, the UK community, and/or the Lexington community at-large. Over the past several years, we have participated in such projects as:

  • Grading papers at MATHCOUNTS
  • Organizing games for UK Engineering day
  • Preparing Thanksgiving baskets at God’s Pantry
  • Small building projects for people in need
  • Purchasing gifts for the annual “Giving Tree”
  • Volunteering at Reforest the Bluegrass
  • Annual Volleyball Tournament for Habitat for Humanity
  • Annual Bone Marrow Donation Drive

All community service activities are announced at the monthly meetings. Please contact Grant List with any ideas or suggestions.

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